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In our image video we introduce ourselves to you a little closer.

A little tip:
Turn on the sound and watch the video to the end.

What you hear is of course Swiss German. Click on “Subtitles” and it will show you the English translation. 

Love rocks wedding photography
Award winning Swiss wedding photographer

Earlier successes

In 2020 we won third place in the international wedding photographer competition “Wedisson” with two other photographers

(with over 5000 participants worldwide)

True success

In competitions, the only winners are “top shots” in which everything is photographically perfect. Top shots clearly belong in a reportage, but are the smallest part of it. A wedding is all about emotions, and a jury of experts doesn’t really care about those.

That’s why we don’t even compete with other photographers anymore. There is no such thing as “the best photographer in the world”. There is only the best photographer for a couple.

The much better jury are our satisfied couples!

A wedding in the Swiss mountains